All Gentry Decks

Azorious Flyers

Airforce 1

By Bastiaan Smis
Favorable Winds || Cast Out
Siren Stormtamer || Cloudblazer
Aerial Responder ||


Winner Ixalan Gentry Charity Event (Malmö)

By Michael Hammarlund Corselli
Trial of Zeal || Trial of Strength
Drover of the Mighty || Raptor Hatchling
Thundering Spineback || Charging Monstrosaur


Steal your stuff

By Bram Van Den Abeele
Fatal Push || Harsh Scrutiny
Lookout's Dispersal || Walk the Plank
Kitesail Freebooter || Siren Stormtamer


Quarter-finalist Ixalan Gentry Charity Event (Malmö)

By Kim Strandberg
Thundering Spineback || Raging Swordtooth
Savage Stomp || Ranging Raptors
Drover of the Mighty || Otepec Huntmaster