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Top-8 Dropout HOU Gentry Open

By Sander De Graeve
Ahn-Crop Crasher || Bloodrage Brawler
Burning-Fist Minotaur || Merciless Javelineer

White Monument Aggro

Top-8 HOU Gentry Open

By Emile Carels
Oketra's Monument || Trial of Solidarity
Expedition Envoy || Fairgrounds Warden

RG Energy with Trains

Semi-finalist HOU Gentry Open

By Tim Mathys
Longtusk Cub || Voltaic Brawler
Servant of the Conduit || Ahn-Crop Crasher
Blossoming Defense ||

Grixis Control

Semi-finalist HOU Gentry Open

By Bob Jacobs
Unlicensed Disintegration || Vile Manifestation
Abrade || Bloodwater Entity
Censor || Enigma Drake

Temur God Energy

Top-8 HOU Gentry Open

By Ruud Merkx (creator: Thijs Weytens)
Rogue Refiner || Longtusk Cub
Servant of the Conduit || Whirler Virtuoso


Top-8 HOU Gentry Open

By Kenneth Pletinckx
Lashweed Lurker || Duskwatch Recruiter
Foul Emissary || Filigree Familiar

Men in Black

Top-8 HOU Gentry Open

By Tom De Wael
Gifted Aetherborn || Fatal Push
Trial of Ambition || Flaying Tendrils

Jeskai Control

Winner HOU Gentry Open

By Fonteyne Aron
Abrade || Cast Out
Supreme Will || Warfire Javelineer
Cloudblazer ||

Black Green Counters

Finalist HOU Gentry Open

By Sean Van Osselaer
Armorcraft Judge || Longtusk Cub
Winding Constrictor || Fatal Push
Blossoming Defense ||

1 sift, 2 sift, Blue sift, ulamog?!

When silly decks are your thing. Look no further

By Boyan Bosschem
Supreme Will || Weirding Wood
Arborback Stomper || Lay Claim
Plated Crusher || Sifter Wurm